Friday, March 26, 2010

Fearless, Flawless Box Office Predictions

I wish I had faith that people would listen to me about 3D, but they won't. This week is going to see a precipitous drop for Alice in Wonderland (due to 3D screen shrinkage) and a huge opening for How to Train Your Dragon (because it is getting those screens). It's a 3D world right now, and we're going to regret that. But enough ill-tempered anger and bile, it's time for laughter and glee! It's Friday! So let's make with the whimsical and launch some haikus!

Here's how I see the weekend box office, haiku style:

1.) How to Train Your Dragon - $57 million

This is somewhat high,
but that 3D stuff is big.
Let's see just how big.

2.) Hot Tub Time Machine - $21 million

I can't believe it.
This movie really exists...
and has John Cusack.

3.) Alice in Wonderland - $14 million

Should be a big drop,
but in my own opinion,
it has made too much.

4.) Diary of a Wimpy Kid - $13 million

It would hold better,
if not for the damn dragon.
Still not a flop, though.

5.) The Bounty Hunter - $9 million

As soon as it came,
It soon quickly disappeared.
Just as it should be.

No Wildcard this week. I'm feeling too good about the above calls. That's it for me, I'll hit you up with a weekly round-up and then say goodbye! Have a great weekend!

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