Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Box Office Results: Stop seeing the bad movie, please

I know there isn't much else out there and that you feel that you MUST now see every major 3D release (including the soon-to-be-released Kraken), but you can stop seeing Alice in Wonderland any day now. Seriously, it's not good. You don't HAVE to go do that to yourself. You can just not see something that sucks. Nobody will be mad at you. I realize this probably won't matter, as 99% of America has already seen the damn thing, but howsabout we agree not to see it twice. Can we do that? Okay, good.

Here's the weekend results, haiku style:

1.) Alice in Wonderland - $62 million (Accuracy of prediction - 93.5%)

Tim Burton you suck
This success just makes me mad.
But nobody cares.

2.) Green Zone - $14.5 million (Accuracy of prediction - 74%)

Iraq War don't sell.
We try to forget it's real.
I think that's just dumb.

3.) She's out of my League - $9.5 million (Accuracy of prediction - 71.5%)

A soft opening
But it's kind of expected.
This is not a hit.

4.) Remember Me - $8 million (Accuracy of prediction - 52.5%)

Robert Pattenson
Your fame may just be fading
it's in its...twilight

5.) Shutter Island - $8 million (Accuracy of prediction - 100%)

One Hundred Million!
Just the third time for Marty.
This makes me happy.

Overall accuracy of prediction - 78%

Back down to "C" grade.
I blame Tim Burton for this
Because, well, why not?

Okay, that's it for Monday. Go be productive.

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