Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Box Office Results: Why do you still like Adam Sandler?

Seriously? I want to know. Do people go see Adam Sandler movies because they're just used to doing it? Nobody's really excited by them, right? I mean, nobody saw the clip for Grown Ups where they pee in the pool and squealed with laughter, right? Nobody owns Click on Blu-Ray, right? I get that his sense of humor is supposed to be mainstream, but he peaked about 15 years ago by my estimation, how is it that he still has a fan base? Shouldn't they have aged past his antics? I'm so confused right now. It's going to make like $110-$120 million and be another standard successful film, encouraging his studio to keep doing the same damn thing until the sun swallows the earth in 2012. I'm not even necessarily mad, as trying to hate an Adam Sandler movie seems like it would take more energy than the film deserves or used while in production. I'm just confused is all. Really confused.

Here's the box office results, haiku style:

1.) Toy Story 3 - $59 million (Accuracy of prediction - 92.5%)

Top summer movie?
If it can beat out Twilight,
then I think it is.

2.) Grown Ups - $41 million (Accuracy of prediction - 95%)

Look at what you've done.
We were free of Rob Schneider.
But now he is back.

3.) Knight and Day - $20.5 million (Accuracy of prediction - 96%)

This is not a flop.
People will say that it is.
They just wish it was.

4.) The Karate Kid - $15 million (Accuracy of prediction - 90%)

Is this one done yet?
I mean, it was fine and all,
but can we move on?

5.) The A-Team - $6 million (Accuracy of prediction - 75%)

On the other hand...
this one is a big ole flop.
So much for "franchise."

Overall accuracy of prediction - 90%

Summer is easy.
They make the choices for me.
I like it that way.

Okay gang, happy Monday to ya! I hope you have a nice one.

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